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Thank you for using Tai Fung iBanking Services. In the course of using these services, you might have come across some typical problems which we have already summed up with explanation and illustration. Please proceed on reading in detail:

1. Precaution for customer security
2. Bank security measures
3. Authenticity of website
4. Forget password
5. Availability of services
6. Access time control
7. Extent of access
8. Terms and conditions
9. Operation procedure
10. Fees and charges
11. Facility requirement
12. Scope of services
13. Transaction Limits
14. Other enquiry

1. Precaution for customer security

i. Do not disclose your Login ID to any person.
  ii. Do not disclose your Password to any person, even our bank staff.
  iii. Change your Password frequently.
  iv. Do not leave your PC while you have login to the services.
  v. Logout immediately after using the services before surfing other websites.
2. Bank security measures
  A. Operation security measures
    i. If your PC is shutdown abnormally or you have not logout properly as stated in Section 1 Step v, you will have to wait for 5 minutes before you can login again.
    ii. You will be logout automatically if you have idled for 5 minutes. You are required to login again if you want to resume.
    iii. Your access to iBanking services will be suspended if your Password is not correctly entered for three times during login. You have to come to the Bank for issuance of a new Password to reactivate the access to iBanking services.
    iv. Transaction limits
      a. Except for stock transactions, the limit for all transactions is HKD2,000,000 or equivalent.
      b. The preset daily accrued withdrawal limit for Current/Savings accounts is HKD8,000,000 or equivalent, or a customized limit within the preset limit.
      c. The preset daily accrued transfer limit from Current/Savings accounts to the Bank third party accounts is HKD1,000,000 or equivalent, or a customized limit within the preset limit. Bill payments, credit card payments and remittance are accrued under this limit as well as the limit specified in Article b of this Sub-section.
      d. The preset daily accrued transfer limit from Current/Savings accounts to accounts of 「BOCM」is HKD1,000,000 or equivalent, or a customized limit within the preset limit.
      e. The preset minimum transfer amount is HKD1.00 or equivalent.
      f. With the exception of stock related transactions, daily transaction count is limited to 50 times per Login ID.
  B. System security measures
    i. Password recognition
For every access to iBanking services, you have to enter your Login ID and Password correctly.
    ii. Change of password
When you use a bank issued Password to Login the iBanking services, the immediate transaction following the Login will be Change Password so that you would be the only person to know your Password. You may also change your Password at anytime you wish.
    iii. SSL 128-bit encryption
In iBanking services, all data transmitted through internet are protected by SSL 128-bit encryption.
  C. Pre-registration
    Accounts to be used under iBanking services should have been registered with the Bank beforehand. You may also transfer funds to third party accounts through iBanking. However such accounts must also be registered in advance. For remittance via iBanking, the information of the beneficiary is required to be registered and for credit card payment, the number of the credit card.
  D. Service suspension
    You may suspend the access to iBanking services yourself or through the Bank if deemed necessary. You have to come to the Bank in person to reactivate the access afterwards.
  E. Dormant accounts
    Dormant accounts are not admitted to iBanking services. Holder of dormant accounts should come to the Bank in person to reactivate the accounts before registration to iBanking services.

3. Authenticity of website

  After login, website information and content of the digital certificate of www.taifungbank.com will be displayed in a pop up window when you click on the icon of a little lock near the bottom of the browser. You may then verify the details to confirm the authenticity of the website.
4. Forget password
  A new Password will be issued by Bank immediately upon request in person. Access to iBanking services can be resumed afterwards.
5. Availability of services
  i. Enquiry, MOP/HKD transfers, fee payments*, credit card payments are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  ii. Foreign currency transactions are available from 9 a.m. to 3.30 a.m. of the next day, Monday through Friday.
  iii. Stock transactions are available according to trading hours of relevant stock markets. Margin transfers are available from 9.00 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. whereas enquiry of order information is available from 9.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. on the date when the order is placed. All other enquiries including IPO information are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  iv. Remittance and Loans transactions are available from 1 am until 8 pm.
  v. Under special circumstances, please pay attention to notice posted in our bank hall or contact our staff.
    *Subject to cutoff date/time agreed between respective companies and Bank, past due bills will not be accepted.

6. Access time control

  There is practically no time limit for access to iBanking services. However, for security concern, access will be terminated automatically if your browser is idled for 5 minutes, and you can resume by simply logging-in again. If your PC is being shutdown abnormally or you have not logout properly, you will have to wait for 5 minutes before you can login again.
7. Extent of access
  There is no geographic limitation for access to iBanking services. All you need are internet access facility and our website address https://ibanking.taifungbank.com, and you can access our services around the world.
8. Terms and conditions
  We have already provided you with the terms and conditions when you registered for the iBanking services. You may also click on the "Terms and conditions" button to browse the contents of the terms and conditions. We recommend that you should read through the terms and conditions before using the services
9. Operation procedure
  A. iBanking transaction flow and message sign
    A typical iBanking transaction usually consists of three screens. The first is input screen through which you may enter the details of a transaction. The second is verification screen where transaction data are displayed. You can verify the correctness of the data, amend if necessary, and confirm to proceed with the transaction within reasonable time. The third is confirmation screen showing the result of the transaction. You can print this screen if needed.
On the transaction screens, one of the following message signs will be displayed:
Green Transaction accepted.
Yellow Reminder before transaction confirmation.
Red Transaction rejected with rejection code displayed. You are required to provide this code for enquiry or assistance.
    In general, the green sign will be displayed for a successful transaction. You may obtain detailed transaction information through iBanking transaction enquiry.
  B. Currency selection
    i. For a single-currency account, such as MOP savings account, there is no need to select transaction currency and the system will correct to MOP automatically even if other currency is selected. For multi-currency accounts, such as time deposit, flexi-investments, currency selection is mandatory.
    ii. As there is slight difference in exchange rate between USD notes and USD T/T, direct conversion between these two is not provided in iBanking.
  C. Confirmation number
      You have to enter confirmation number for time deposit and flexi-investment transactions. Only numeral part of the confirmation number is required.
  D. Unregistered accounts
      For security reason, all unregistered accounts, beneficiaries of outward remittance, and credit card accounts are not accepted in iBanking.
  E. Input formats
    i. Login ID and Password:
      a. You can select your own Login ID during initial registration. Login ID cannot be altered afterwards.
      b. Password should be a string of 8-14 numerals and alphabets combination.
      c. Password is case sensitive.
    ii. Transaction amounts
      a. Amounts can be upto11 digits with 2 decimal places.
      b. Gold transaction units should be integral multiple of tael.
      c. Decimal place is allowed for JPY as settlement will be converted into HKD.
      d. Stock prices can be a number with maximum 4 digits and 4 decimal places. Number of shares must be an integer with a maximum of 10 digits.
  F. Bill payment
    i. Bill number should be entered according to format shown on the statement of relevant company, including leading zeroes.
    ii. For bills with fixed bill number, please register through the "Setup preset payee" transaction before paying through "Payment (preset payee)" transaction. This will facilitate subsequent payments as bill numbers have been stored.
    iii. For credit card payments, the credit card accounts should have been registered with the Bank before carrying out the previous step.
  G. Fixed deposits
      New fixed deposits will not be renewed automatically on maturity date. You have to perform the "Amend renewal instructions" transaction before maturity.
  H. Enquiry
    i. For account balance enquiry, the screen will show the balance of Savings and Current accounts, and the account number of other accounts
    ii. For Foreign currency Savings account enquiry, please click on the account number displayed on screen mentioned in previous step.
    iii. For other accounts, please select through enquiry pull down menu.
    iv. For enquiry through internet, the account name customarily shown on statement, passbook, or confirmation will be displayed, regardless of accessing through Chinese or English version of iBanking.
    v. Interest rates and exchange rates shown on iBanking are for reference only since market condition is ever changing.
    vi. For enquiry of available balance of stock linked deposit account, you may click on "Securities services" to first select "enquiry" and then "account" and view the "amount available" for stock purchase.

10. Fees and charges

  i. Except transaction related charges, access to iBanking services is basically free. iBanking transactions (save stock trading and enquiry of stock price) which involve fees or charges would be reminded in respective confirmation screens. Once such a transaction is confirmed and accepted, then the relevant fees and charges will be applied.
  ii. Fees incurred for internet access to iBanking are charged by internet service providers and should not be considered iBanking charges by the Bank.
  iii. Charging scheme for enquiry of stock prices:
    a. During charging period, fees will be levied on all enquiries of stock prices on per enquiry basis and no fees will be charged to enquiry of indices;
    b. Charging period is defined as the period (1) between 9:00 a.m. and 12:15 p.m. ; (2) between 1:00 p.m. and 4:15 p.m. for normal day trading and (3) between 9:00 a.m. and 12:15 p.m. for half day trading on the eves of Christmas, New Year and Lunar New Year. Should the stock market be closed owing to unforeseen events such as typhoon or thunderstorm, all enquiries effected during the said period are also subject to charges;
    c. The holder of each stock account is entitled to a basic number of free enquiries per month. New accounts are entitled after the first order execution. Free enquiries are not available to accounts where transactions are not recorded in the past three months and in which there is currently no balance;
    d. The holder of a stock account where transactions are recorded in the current month is entitled to additional free enquiries as per the following schedule:

Transaction amount (HKD) Number of additional free enquiries
$1 - 119,999 300  
$120,000 - 199,999 1,000  
$200,000 - 999,999 2,000  
$1,000,000 - 2,999,999 3,300  
$3,000,000 or above 5,500  
    e. The accrued number of enquires effected during charging period and the free enquiries entitled as of previous day will be displayed in the stock price enquiry screen;
    f. Enquiry count covers the enquiries from both iBanking and Mobile Banking;
    g. Should the number of enquiries exceed the total number of free enquiries (basic number of free enquiries + additional free enquiries), a fee of HKD0.10 per enquiry will be levied on the exceeding number of enquiries and the monthly cap charge per account will be HKD99,999.00.
11. Facility requirement
  All you need for iBanking access are a set of reasonably configured PC, a data set for internet connection, internet connection service and MS Internet Explorer 5.5 or later versions. A display of 800X600 resolutions with 16-bit color would give the best visual effect.
12. Scope of services
  i. Account enquiry
Balance enquiry; Details of fixed deposit confirmation; Account transaction history; iBanking transaction history; Loans account balance and collaterals.
  ii. Fund transfer
Current/Savings account transfers, including third party accounts; Fixed deposits - new, settle and amend renewal instructions.
  iii. Flexi-investment
New investment; Close investment; Replenish (margin) deposit; Withdraw (margin) deposit; Enquiry on Profit/Loss, Confirmation detail, Flexi-investment interest rates, and terms and conditions.
  iv. Stock services
Buy/Sell stocks; Change order prices; Order cancellation; Fund (Margin) transfers; New stock subscriptions (IPO); Enquiry on share prices, indices, order information, stock account information, current month transaction records, and stock held inventory.
  v. Payment services
Preset/cancel regular bills; Payment to preset bills; Payment to other bills.
  vi. Remittance
Outward remittance; Enquiry on inward/outward remittance.
  vii. Account management
Request for check books; Request for statements; Report loss of check; Report loss of ATM card; Report loss of fixed deposit confirmation; Report loss of passbook; Amend personal information; Change iBanking Password; Suspend iBanking services.
13. Transaction Limits:
  1. For iBanking transaction limits, please read "Banking security measures" listed in point (2) and "Transaction limits" quoted in point (A. iv) here above.
  2. Transaction limits per system:
    a. Fixed deposits

Currency Tenor Limit
HKD/ MOP 1-week,2-week,15-month, 18-month, Premium Deposit From 50,000 to iBanking limit
HKD/ MOP 1-month, 2-month, 3-month, 6-month, 12-month From 1,000 to iBanking limit
USD/ USN All 500 to iBanking limit
    b. Flexi-investment
Currency Transaction Limit
HKD Open new investment position 10,000 to iBanking limit
HKD Withdraw deposit 3,000 to iBanking limit
    c. Securities Services - Fund transfer
      under HKD500,000.00
14. Other enquiry

You may call hotline 28556007 or come to our Headquarters or any branch during office hours or direct your enquiry to tfbeb@taifungbank.com.



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